Tickets to the public

Please note that tickets can be obtained at the entrance to the festival site at Hoërskool Florida. The ticket price is R40.00 per adult and R20.00 for children under 13 years of age. Please present exact entrance fee in cash.

Pre-booking service

Consider using our pre-booking ticket service – in order to make use of this service and ensure quick access to the festival site, all you need to do is to notify us by email at of the following and we will pre-package your tickets for you. We will need the following information:

1) Your full name and surname,

2) How many persons over 13 years of age and how many under 13 years of age will be attending,

3) Your cell number.

Simply present a copy of your email booking form as well as our confirmation of receipt together with the exact entrance fee in cash at our exclusive pre-booking queue at the entrance to the festival site at Hoërskool Florida for smooth and quick access.


Motorcycle riders participating in the 160KM ride

Please register your interest to participate in the ride with your biking association / club administrator. The cost per rider and pillion is R100.00 each, which includes either a pin OR a patch – please pay at your association / club administrator and advise them of your choice for pin or patch. Pins and / or patches will be available for collection from your association / club administrator within about 2 weeks AFTER the event.

Should your biking association / club not be aware of this ride alternatively want more information about it, please advise them to email us at

Please note that the Harley Owners Group “HOG” (Clearwater chapter) shall be coordinating this ride. Any riders wanting to participate in this ride who are not associated with alternatively are not members of HOG Clearwater chapter, shall be required to abide by the rules of order and safety protocol exclusively determined by HOG Clearwater chapter.

All riders, and pillion riders, shall sign an indemnity form indemnifying the organisers of the event as well as HOG Clearwater chapter officials and staff and any sponsor against any claims howsoever arising from injury, loss of property and / or fatal injury should such occur or be caused during their participation in any activity aligned to this event and / or ride. Failure to sign such an indemnity shall render any participation in the event and / or ride as being unauthorized, unlawful and/ or illegal and shall in no way support any claim for damages for whatsoever reason against whomsoever.

Your right of access to the event as well as right to participate in the ride is fully subject to permission being granted which permission shall rest in the sole discretion of the organisers of the event and the HOG Clearwater chapter respectively.

Sample of the Pins

irion horse pin mockup-01

Sample of the Patches

iron horse badge-01